What types of forestry ropes are there?

There are different types of ropes used in rope technology and outdoors. Each species has specific properties and benefits that make them suitable for specific activities or applications. Here are some of the most common types of fortropeing and their respective benefits:

Dynamic ropes:
• Advantages: Dynamic ropes are elastic and stretchy. This makes them ideal for activities such as climbing and mountaineering as they cushion falls and reduce stress on the body. They offer good shock absorption and are therefore safer in the event of a fall.

Static ropes:
• Advantages: Static ropes have less stretch or no stretch at all compared to dynamic ropes. This makes them ideal for activities that require minimal stretch, such as rescue or work ropes. They retain their shape and strength under load.

Half ropes (twin ropes):
• Advantages: Half ropes are thinner ropes that are often used in pairs. They offer flexibility and light weight, making them ideal for alpine climbing routes and other situations where weight needs to be minimized. They also provide some redundancy as they can be used separately.

Static-dynamic ropes (semi-static ropes):
• Advantages: Static-dynamic ropes are a mixture of static and dynamic properties. They are suitable for certain work applications, such as working at heights or tree climbing. They provide some stretch, but not as much as dynamic ropes.

Climbing ropes for indoor use (indoor climbing ropes):
• Advantages: Indoor climbing ropes are often durable and easy to use. They are designed for use in climbing gyms and can be available in different diameters and lengths.

Special ropes (e.g. canyoning ropes, rescue ropes):
• Advantages: Specialty ropes are designed for specific activities and often offer unique properties. For example, canyoning ropes are usually water-resistant, while recovery ropes have high breaking strength.

Choosing the right fortification rope depends on your specific activity and requirements. It is important to select the correct type, length and strength of rope according to your intended use to ensure your safety and efficiency. Additionally, proper care and maintenance of the rope is of great importance to ensure its durability and reliability.

UVV Prüfservice Unsere erfahrenen Experten führen gründliche Sichtprüfungen an euren Seilen durch, um mögliche Abnutzungserscheinungen, Beschädigungen oder andere Sicherheitsrisiken zu identifizieren. Durch regelmäßige Inspektionen könnt ihr potenzielle Probleme frühzeitig erkennen und geeignete Maßnahmen ergreifen.

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UVV testing service

Our experienced experts perform thorough visual inspections on your ropes to identify possible signs of wear, damage or other safety issues. Regular inspections allow you to identify potential problems early and take appropriate action.

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Individual production of end connections

splicing work

We offer special and tailor-made solutions for end connections in the forest sector. Whether you need loops, hooks, carabiners or other connectors, we can make them to your specific requirements. Our products are carefully designed to ensure optimal functionality and reliability.

Terminations for textile ropes
Notdienst für Seilreparaturen Wir verstehen, dass Seile manchmal unerwarteten Belastungen ausgesetzt sind und Schäden auftreten können. Aus diesem Grund bieten wir einen Notdienst für Reparaturen von Seilen jeglicher Art an. Unsere Fachkräfte stehen bereit, um eure Seile schnell und professionell zu reparieren, damit ihr eure Arbeit ohne längere Unterbrechungen fortsetzen könnt.

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Emergency service for rope repairs

We understand that ropes are sometimes subjected to unexpected loads and damage can occur. For this reason we offer an emergency service for repairs of all kinds of ropes. Our professionals are ready to repair your ropes quickly and professionally so you can continue your work without long interruptions.

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