Collection: Superwinch

Superwinch, ein weltweit führender Anbieter von Seilwinden, hat seit über 50 Jahren die Branche mit Spitzenleistungen in Engineering, Design, Bau und Test von Winden und Zubehör geprägt. Die Produkte stehen für Qualität, Langlebigkeit und Innovation. Mit einem starken Fokus auf Leistung und Zuverlässigkeit steht Superwinch hinter jedem einzelnen Produkt. Die umfangreichen Entwicklungs- und Testverfahren haben eine treue Anhängerschaft von Offroad-Enthusiasten, Landwirten, Militärs und Industrieanwendern aufgebaut. Unterstützt durch die Muttergesellschaft Westin Automotive bietet Superwinch Produkte, die selbst unter extremen Bedingungen die Erwartungen übertreffen. Verlassen Sie sich auf Superwinch – die richtige Winde für jede Aufgabe.

areas of application

  • Off-road vehicles

    Winches for off-road vehicles provide safe and reliable traction for tackling difficult off-road situations.

  • Quads

    Quads benefit from winches due to their ability to pull them out of difficult off-road situations.

  • Expedition mobiles

    Expedition mobiles are often equipped with winches that require powerful pulling power.

  • ATV's

    ATV winches provide powerful pulling power to pull vehicles out of difficult terrain with ease.

Prolux Systemtechnik GmbH - Superwinch SX 10/25SR in use

The quality winches from Superwinch

All Superwinch cable winches are characterized by a modern and well thought-out design combined with high-quality construction. Its operation is simple and safe.
Strong pulling forces thanks to high-quality motors ensure the robust 2- or 3-stage
Planetary gears for the well-known high Superwinch quality.

With all these advantages, these winches achieve an excellent price/performance ratio.
Superwinch primarily uses a steel winch rope as the pulling rope. But if you prefer to use a winch rope made from the reinforced Novoleen® fiber from Seilflechter, you can easily convert it.

Electric winches from Superwinch 12V / 24V

Superwinch offers various electric model series or categories of cable winches, which differ in terms of their technical data and applications.

Superwinch Terra 2500, 3500, 4500

The Terra series is ideal for supporting the loading of light, rolling loads.
The electric cable winches are compact and light, work with an operating voltage of 12 volts and require only a small amount of installation space. They replace laborious hand winches quickly and conveniently.
With pulling forces of 1.13 t to 2 t, the Terra winches are perfect for off-road vehicles, ATV quads or as loading aids for trailers.

Superwinch Tiger Shark

The Superwinch Tiger Shark 9500 or Superwinch Tiger Shark 11500 cable winch offers a very high performance of 4.3 or 5.2 tons at an amazingly affordable price. Even heavier, rolling loads can be easily handled with the Superwinch Tiger Shark.
These winches are available in 12 volts.

Superwinch S series

The Superwinch cable winches of the S models are specially designed for use on trailers
or trailers.
A robust cover protects the drum and rope from the effects of the weather.
With a pulling load of 2.5 tons for the S 5500 and 3.4 tons for the S 7500, they are ideal for comfortably pulling light to medium-heavy rolling loads onto the transport vehicle.

Superwinch SX

The SX winches are available with pulling forces of 5.6 t (SX 1200 SR) and 4.5 t (SX 10000 SR). Thanks to their high pulling power, they are ideal for heavy, rolling loads. Both models are equipped with reinforced switching relays and synthetic fiber cables and are offered in 12 volts.

Super winch Winch2Go

The Winch2Go was specifically designed for mobile use and has a wide range of applications, including off-road operations, trailer towing, forestry, boat ramps and recovery in difficult-to-reach terrain. It saves space in a suitcase
housed, which contains not only the winch but also all the accessories.

Hydraulic winches from Superwinch

Superwinch also offers several series in the field of hydraulic winches,
We have models from the H and SI series in our portfolio.

Superwinch H

Here are the new professional hydraulic winches that meet the requirements of EN 14492-1. The H8P-Pro offers a maximum pulling force of 3.5 t, while the H10p-Pro has a pulling force of 4.3 t. These hydraulic winches are available with different drum widths and freewheel circuits. A robust planetary gear and an integrated mechanical brake ensure long-term operational safety. They also have a pulley window and a lowering brake valve. They are ideal for use in recovery and towing areas
as well as in other areas of application.

Superwinch SI

Here are the newly designed hydraulic winches for professional industrial applications that comply with the regulations of EN 14492-1. These winches offer pulling forces of 3.6/4.5/5.4 tons. In addition to various drum widths and freewheel circuits, the motor hydraulic connection and freewheel circuit can be rotated for easy installation, making it flexible for different installation types and locations. A proven mechanical brake and a powerful one
Planetary gears ensure a trouble-free and long service life for the winch. Of course, the winches are delivered complete with a pulley window and a lowering brake valve. The SI series offers industrial hydraulic winches for demanding professional applications.

Important features of a Superwinch winch

All of our Superwinch cable winches are equipped with the following advantageous features and accessories:
Automatic load holding brake
Robust multi-stage planetary gears
Cable remote control
Freewheel for the cable drum
Roller window
Battery cable
Includes rope with hook
Cable winches with
Synthetic fiber rope have adapted drum and rope windows