Collection: Discover high-quality climbing equipment from Eder Maschinenbau GmbH

Discover high-performance climbing equipment from Eder Maschinenbau for vertical transport requirements. Our products offer reliability and safety in demanding environments.

New from February 2024 :
The EPC240-11 B features a STIHL battery-powered drive for environmentally friendly work without sacrificing performance. Whether in the construction industry or rescue operations, our climbing devices offer optimal solutions. Trust in quality and reliability for your vertical work requirements with Eder Maschinenbau.

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areas of application

  • Mit dem EDER Power Climber EPC 240 B erhalten Sie nicht nur ein zuverlässiges und leistungsstarkes Klettergerät, sondern auch ein Produkt, das höchste Standards in Sicherheit und Effizienz erfüllt. Überzeugen Sie sich selbst von der Qualität und Vielseitigkeit dieses Geräts, das für anspruchsvolle Kletteranwendungen konzipiert wurde.

    Tree climbing

    Ideal for transporting one user with equipment and possibly materials on a vertical rope.

  • Hier zeigen wir Euch unseren EDER - Power Climber im Einsatz an der Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg.

    Building cleaning

    Professional building cleaning with the help of climbing equipment from EDER at the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg.

  • EDER Klettergeräte ermöglichen schnelle und sichere Personenrettung in vertikalen Situationen mit Leichtigkeit.

    Personnel rescue

    Climbing devices enable quick and safe rescue of people in vertical situations with ease.

  • Working at heights

    Working at height requires special equipment and training to work safely and efficiently at dizzy heights.

EDER - Power Climber in use by the Hamburg Elbphilharmonie

Climbing equipment from Eder Maschinenbau: transport solutions for vertical work environments

Discover the powerful climbing devices from Eder Maschinenbau, which offer you a reliable transport solution for vertical work requirements. Our products are specifically designed to provide users with equipment and, where appropriate, materials safely and
to be transported efficiently on ropes.

EDER – Power Climber EPC 130-11:
Designed for loads of up to 130 kg, this allows you
Climbing mechanism ensures stable transport along vertical ropes. With a
This is a powerful 2 hp 4-stroke engine and an easy-start starter
Power Climber reliable and easy to use.

EDER – Power Climber EPC 240-11:
The EPC offers even more demanding requirements
240-11 has the ability to carry loads up to 240 kg.
Equipped with a robust 2.68 HP 2-stroke engine and the same user-friendly
Features like the EPC 130-11, this climbing mechanism is ideal for
Rescue operations and other professional applications.

NEW from February 2024: Battery-powered innovation:
In a time when environmental friendliness and zero emissions
are becoming increasingly important, we proudly present our latest
EDER – Power Climber EPC240-11 B with STIHL battery drive.
Based on the proven MSA 220 T, this battery drive allows you to...
STIHL battery AP 300 S or the powerful battery AP 500 S
environmentally friendly and emission-free work, without compromises

No matter whether you are in the construction industry, tree climbing, rescue operations or
who work in other vertical work environments, the climbing equipment from Eder
Mechanical engineering offers you the safety, performance and efficiency you
need. Invest in quality and reliability – invest in
Eder mechanical engineering.