Collection: Hemp rope, hemp rope, natural hemp rope (twisted)

In our range you will find a selection of twisted hemp ropes - also known as hemp rope or natural hemp rope .

These ropes are made from high quality and fine long hemp yarns .
Hemp, also known as industrial hemp or industrial hemp, is one of the oldest cultivated plants and has long been processed in rope factories. The hemp fibers, obtained from the bast of industrial hemp plants, are processed into robust yarns. Thanks to their comparatively long individual fibers, these hemp ropes have a high breaking load.

Because hemp ropes are made from natural materials, they are subject to natural changes and can rot over time outdoors. But these twisted hemp ropes in particular offer some advantages. They stretch very little and are extremely robust and abrasion-resistant. In addition, they are environmentally friendly and represent a renewable raw material , making them a valued choice for environmentally conscious users.

Explore our selection of twisted hemp ropes and rely on the proven quality and versatility of this traditional material. The hemp ropes combine strength, grip and ecological sustainability - properties that are valued both in the maritime environment and in other areas of application.